A Story of Resilience, Hope, and Advocacy

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I hope that you will join us for the Juneteenth Launch party. We are so excited for the launch of Best Dirty Lemonade, a unique cannabis-infused beverage with a story that’s personal, filled with hope, and underscored by a deep commitment to social equity.

When my mom started her battle with Alzheimer’s, life as we knew it changed drastically. During those difficult times, her discomfort, restless nights, and loss of appetite were my biggest concerns. Searching for something to bring her relief led to the creation of Best Dirty Lemonade, a cannabis-infused lemonade that remarkably improved her sleep and appetite.

The positive change was so profound that it sparked a desire within me to share this comfort-giving concoction with the world. But Best Dirty Lemonade was never just about creating a product; it was always about effecting change and advocating for equity in the rapidly growing cannabis industry.

Launching on Juneteenth is deeply symbolic for Best Dirty Lemonade. It’s a day that celebrates the emancipation of enslaved African Americans, and it’s a poignant reminder of the persisting racial disparities in America, especially within the cannabis industry. As a social equity brand, our mission extends beyond commerce.

Best Dirty Lemonade is our pledge to stand up for fair opportunities, to right the wrongs of the past, and to create an industry where everyone has an equal chance to flourish. As we bring our product to the market, we will keep fighting for this change, dedicating a portion of our proceeds to initiatives that aim to correct these imbalances.

In essence, Best Dirty Lemonade is more than a refreshing beverage – it’s a symbol of resilience, a tribute to my brave mom, and a promise to advocate for social justice. As we embark on this exciting new phase, we’re eager for you to join us in our mission to not just satisfy thirst but to ignite meaningful change.

Looking forward to sharing our story and the invigorating taste of Best Dirty Lemonade with you.

Omari H. Anderson
Best Dirty Lemonade

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